Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Starting this new blog today (I may not have started at least a dozen blogs in the past...some successful, some not).  Wholesome Homestead is the name I chose when I had a Vegan food "business" over the summer, and I can't part with it.  My dream is to live in the country, grow lots of food, have a farm stand and meet lots of interesting people.  Our home will be back up for sale in the spring.  I have always been interested in making homemade things, recipes, cooking, crafts, and since I've been married, add on photography, blogging and networking.
We have been Vegan since February of 2013...story for another time.  I love cooking Vegan and I love serving my friends and family Vegan food and having them exclaim..."This is so good, how is it Vegan?"  Previous to being Vegan I had this blog, which I kept around since the recipes are floating around Pinterest, and if someone asks me for an old recipe I can refer them there, so check it out if you are not Vegan.
The Crafty Culinarian
What this blog will include is Vegan recipes, crafts, stories and rants, family life, Jesus, marriage, parenting, photography, animal rights stuff...basically all my life is about.  I can't really narrow down an interest, so you're going to get it all.

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