Monday, February 29, 2016

Really Love Yourself

I am all riled up today for multiple reasons.  First of all, Leonardo DiCaprio's speech at the Oscars last night was awesome...I'm happy that he took time to address climate change.  He helped get Cowspiracy on Netflix by producing a new cut of the film, which is so awesome.

I am also reading a new book called The Starch Solution by John A. McDougall, MD, after seeing multiple things about it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.  It's a Vegan diet that allows starchy foods but restricts fat.  I will be documenting this for you as I am trying to read the book so I can get started ASAP.

The main thing I want to focus on today, though, is my concern with this whole fat acceptance movement.  What sparked my wanting to address it is reading about the model Tess (Munster) Holiday.  She is a gorgeous plus-sized woman who is a size 22 supermodel.  I am a size 20/22 myself.  Yes I am Vegan, but I have a portion-control problem, I don't always eat the right things, I am only semi-healthy, my body suffers EVERY DAY because of my weight and I am NOT HAPPY with myself.  I think it's absolutely fine to love yourself....loving your personality, being comfortable in your own skin.  But if you are not healthy on the inside and taking care of your body like you should you are going to pay for it may already be paying for it now and don't realize it.  If this beautiful and overweight woman wants to love her body that's great, but it's not sending a good message to tell women/girls to accept obesity as "who you are".   There is no one in the world who could convince me this woman eats healthy food, gets adequate exercise and has absolutely no health or physical problems.  My feet get numb when I
stand, my back hurts constantly, my knees ache when I've been sitting too long, I move slowly, I get winded walking up the stairs, my pregnancies were torturous, my heels are cracked from my weight, my bladder is weak.  These are just to name a few and have nothing to do with my appearance or the emotional issues I have from being overweight.  People are calling this girl a hero.  I just can't get behind that.  If you promote loving your obese body you are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.  Imagine what this girl could do to help those with body image issues if she became healthy, got to a healthy body weight and promoted that instead.
There will be those that play the genetics card or say they are big boned.  This photo of a big-boned skeleton sculpture pokes fun at that ridiculous claim.  There aren't big-boned skeletons so that excuse is bogus.
...and while we are on the subject, you may be overweight, and you may be fine with that, but if you allow your children to be unhealthy as you raise them you are setting them up for a lifetime of struggle.  It's so important to form good eating and exercise habits in them from a young age.  Even before I was a parent I always vowed that I would try my best to raise my kids to be healthy so I could protect them from going through being a fat adult.  As I babysat and was a nanny from age 12-22 I watched parents raise kids on diets of junk food, Kool-Aid, soda and processed foods.  Even the skinny kids had to be super unhealthy on the inside.  My daughter is now 13.  I always built up her self esteem, not not only telling her she was beautiful and teaching her to love her body but also fought through the pickiness and the tantrums, not giving up, not giving in and letting her eat a bunch of garbage all the time.  The one thing we worked through was her body shape.  Just like me and my father's side of the family, we have stocky thighs.  To be honest, I HATE my thighs, but I am overweight.  My daughter, at a healthy weight, noticed her thighs were shapely and that a lot of her friends legs were skinnier.  I told her she was born with strong-sports legs...and while she never got into standard sports, she always remember that and was proud of her shape.
I guess my whole point is that my hope is for everyone to really love their body, but in this case make sure love is a verb....take care of yourselves.

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